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What is the company's Mission | Vision?

Our Mission

At Fabulous Enterprises Ltd. our mission is to provide each traveller with personalized and memorable experiences that showcases the beauty and splendour of Montserrat.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide a one stop destination for travellers as your choice Destination Managers when considering or visiting Montserrat. We are dedicated to creating lasting memories and unmatched convenience in service guaranteeing that Fabulous Montserrat experience.

About Us

Welcome to the home of Fabulous Enterprises Ltd, your go-to destination for unforgettable and authentic experiences in Montserrat. Our company, founded by Jermaine J. Wade, an experienced entrepreneur, was built on a service oriented platform, providing convenience in service, with an element of class as a core tenet of our operations. While our services are wide ranging, our mission is to provide each traveler with personalized and memorable experiences that showcase the beauty and splendor of Montserrat, the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

Our team of passionate professionals strives to exceed expectations by offering a wide range of tour packages, support services as well as other premium offerings tailored to your needs. We are dedicated as your choice Destination Manager to creating lasting memories, enabling hassle free travel experiences and providing convenience to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

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Signature Tours & Details

Explore Montserrat with our signature tours and premium services below.
N.B We also customize tours to our clients interest

little Bay

Beach Hoppers Tour

Soak in the sun and sea at 7 of Montserrat’s stunning black sandy beaches. This
unique tour offers delightful moments and cherished memories for beach lovers.

Duration: 3 hrs.

Pace: Relax

Cost: $160 USD

Require sunscreen, Beach Towel, Swimsuit and should be able swim.


Full Island Tour

Journey across Montserrat, from Jack Boy Hill to the Silver Hills, traversing the western coast en route to the Volcano Observatory and the buried capital, Plymouth.
Experience island life, visit historic sites, and enjoy local rum and cuisine.

Duration: 4 to 6 hrs.

Pace: Moderate

Cost: $430 USD

Lunch, all Fees and Zone V permit included. Roads winding at times may cause motion sickness. Will require moderate very short walks.

Buried City Plymouth Tour

Buried City Plymouth Tour

Begin with an eye-opening film at the Volcano Observatory before venturing into the buried city Plymouth Zone V. Witness the devastation of a modern-day Pompeii and experience nature’s wrath on a nation.

Duration: 3 hrs.

Pace: Moderate

Cost: $255 USD

May smell sulphur depending on wind direction. Dust masks are recommended as dust may be excessive for short periods due to sand mining operations.


History Tour

We will visit the National Museum, Montserrat National Trust, and Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

Learn about Montserrat’s ancestral history and the origin of its cultural identity. Your visit at the National Museum, guide through Montserrat’s pre-colonial past, colonial history and give an overview of national symbols including Montserrat’s National Heroes.

Then continue to the Montserrat National Trust. Here, you will take a guided walk through the Trust’s Amerindian Gardens of preserved endemic plants. Browse the Trust’s Gift shop for local cookbooks, historical books or pick up a souvenir or memorabilia that encapsulates this unique experience.

Finally journey to the MVO, interact with scientists, and learn how the Volcano devastated and shaped Modern-day Montserrat. A short 20 min interpretation film is shown to help illustrate the impact of the volcanic era.

Duration: 3 hrs.

Pace: Easy

Cost: $138 USD

The road to the Observatory is narrow and winding, so if prone to motion sickness please take necessary medication. Comfortable shoes are required as the tour includes an easy walk around and climbing stairs. All fees inclusive, water, driver & tour guide.

MVORichmond Hill Tour

MVO/Richmond Hill Tour

Relive the history of Montserrat’s volcanic eruptions through the eyes of scientists at the Volcano Observatory. Take in panoramic views of the volcanic dome and the Belham
River before exploring Richmond Hill, overlooking the buried city of Plymouth.

Duration: 2.5 hrs.

Pace: Easy

Cost: $135 USD

Sightseeing from a distant vantage point of the buried city and the soufriere hills.

bush rum 3

Bush Rum Illusion Tour

Experience the unexpected on this unique tour that lets you sample Montserrat’s famous Bush Rum. Taste your way around the island, visiting 7 selected bars, each with its own unique blend.

Duration: 3 hrs.

Pace: Easy to Extreme

Cost: $210 USD

Drinks inclusive at 7 bars, High volumes of alcohol will be consumed, walk with water, ensure to eat food prior to tour.

Other Services

Our premium services will offer hassle free and convenient travelling experiences while you explore the wonder and magic of Montserrat.


Yacht Agency

Providing comprehensive yacht services, including berth bookings, provisions, and concierge assistance.


Logistic Services

Offering a range of logistics solutions, including transportation, warehousing, and supply chain management.


Event Management

Expert event planning and management services for corporate events, weddings, and private parties.


Destination Management

Comprehensive destination services, including accommodation, excursions, itinerary management and unique experiences.


Dockside Support

Currency Exchange and other Banking support, Local on-board entertainment, Basic repairs and Waste removal service.


Airport Transfers

We offer premium Taxi services to and from the John A Osborne Airport or Port Little Bay and chauffeur services in and around Montserrat.

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